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The 79 Group supplies
lighting and M&E services
to 9 out of 10 of the UK’s
largest retailers.

Case Studies

Animal clothing

Logo of Animal Clothing Interior of Animal Clothing shop Interior of Animal Clothing shop

79 Lighting has been working closely with the store development team at Animal for the past 15 months, designing and supplying the lighting for their roll-out programme.

The Animal design team have created a new store design that reflects Animal’s image as a cutting edge, environmentally aware lifestyle brand, at the forefront of surfing, snowboarding and mountain sports.

79’s lighting design utilises Philips Elite lamp technology to reduce energy requirements without compromising light output, distribution and colour rendering.

As part of Animal’s commitment to reducing energy usage they commissioned 79 to carry out a complete lighting asset register and energy survey for the Animal Estate of stores. 79 prepared a comprehensive lighting report for each site detailing energy saving options, new lighting proposals, ECA calculations and payback periods for replacing the lighting with energy efficient alternatives.

Animal are now using this information to refresh the lighting in existing stores with energy efficient replacements that also improve light output and uniformity throughout the stores.


Stella McCartney

Logo of Stella McCartney Interior of Stella McCartney shop Interior of Stella McCartney shop

Barclays Bank

Barclays logoInterior of BarclaysInterior of Barclays

The 79 Group have been working with Barclays Bank on the remodelling of their flagship stores.
79 were asked to provide a lighting design that would have high impact but be flexible enough to be applied to all Barclays’s flagship branches and the diverse buildings they occupy.

The answer was to create a standard lighting design to be used in all flagship sites, then add bespoke feature lighting to individual stores. The standard design, reminiscent of art gallery lighting, was created to entice and welcome customers into the store, while bespoke features such as the halo fittings in Brighton help to bring out the unique characteristics of the different flagship buildings.

The 79 Group worked with architects Aukett Tytherleigh on the design of the Piccadilly Circus flagship branch, using lighting to bring out the architectural concept of an inspiring, friendly and original environment. The Piccadilly Circus store branch has now been awarded the Architectural FX award for Best Retail Space.



Logo of Jaeger Interior of Jaeger shop Interior of Jaeger shop

79 and AD Baker recently completed a full interior fit-out for the Bicester Village branch of Jaeger.

We worked closely with Jaeger’s property department to ensure that we met the client’s requirements precisely. The 79 Group designed, manufactured and installed all lighting and M&E. AD Baker manufactured and installed all joinery, furniture, fixtures and associated items, as well as carrying out the complete build.



Asda logoInterior of AsdaInterior of Asda

The 100,000ft2 ASDA store in Lower Earley gets a brighter, more efficient lighting system.

The old store lighting was 25 years old and made products on the shelves appear dull with poor colour definition. So Asda commissioned an upgrade of over 400 fittings. 79 handled the whole process, including surveying the site, designing and manufacturing the fittings and the installation. 79 had to design the luminaire upgrades to fit into the existing 1200 x 1200 lighting units as they formed an integral part of the ceiling. The installation was carried out with minimum disruption to the store’s normal operations – no easy task in a 24-hour store.

The 79 M&E installation team reduced the impact on customers by carrying out the work at night and keeping to designated work areas. The whole project was completed in just eight nights, including the safe and legal removal of all the waste.

ASDA Operations Manager, commented: “Throughout the project, the 79 team worked in a very professional manner. Communication with all parties was first class.”

The end result for the project was an increase in light levels of 50% and a reduction in energy consumption of 7% for the sales floor lighting. The improved lighting environment had a positive effect on the customer experience when visiting the store, which has transferred though to sales performance.

Asda General Store Manager, said: “I was shocked at the massive improvement. 79 have transformed the look of the store.”


Ralph Lauren

Logo of Ralph Lauren Shop Window of Ralph Lauren shop Shop Window of Ralph Lauren shop

Having been responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and art direction, 79 was delighted to see the Ralph Lauren window display awarded Best Overall Christmas Window at the the Retail VM & Display Awards 2008. The display featured track-mounted 35w luminaires and 70w CDM-TC display lighting with spot, medium and flood reflectors utilising clear and blue lenses.



Blacks logoInterior of BlacksInterior of Blacks

The 79 Group has been working with Blacks Leisure Group for their recent store refresh programme. The project, updating 40 Blacks and Millets stores, was part of an 18-month scheme to improve the company’s financial situation. The most recent report from Blacks Leisure suggests that the scheme has worked: the new concept stores are trading at 10% above the rest of the chain.

79 was principal electrical contractor on many of the projects, providing full mechanical and electrical design and installation. This included incoming mains distribution, full power and data, fire alarm, HVAC and earthing provision. Getting a combined service from The 79 Group offered considerable savings for Blacks: savings on design fees and no supplier chain mark-ups. It also meant for smoother, more integrated process.


From Boutiques to Superbrands

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