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On your wavelength

Interior of Animal store

79 Lighting has been working closely with the store development team at Animal for the past 15 months designing and supplying the lighting for their roll out programme.

The Animal design team have created a new store design that reflects Animal’s image as a cutting edge, environmentally aware lifestyle brand, at the forefront of surfing, snowboarding and mountain sports.

79’s lighting design utilises Philips Elite lamp technology to reduce energy requirements without compromising light output, distribution and colour rendering.

As part of Animal’s commitment to reducing energy usage they commissioned 79 to carry out a complete lighting asset register and energy survey for the Animal Estate of stores. 79 prepared a comprehensive lighting report for each site detailing energy saving options, new lighting proposals, ECA calculations and payback periods for replacing the lighting with energy efficient alternatives.

Animal are now using this information to refresh the lighting in existing stores with energy efficient replacements that also improve light output and uniformity throughout the stores.