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The 79 Group supplies
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to 9 out of 10 of the UK’s
largest retailers.

Flagship design at Barclays Bank

Interior of Barclays Bank

The 79 Group have been working closely with Barclays Bank on the design of their flagship branches.

79 was asked to provide a lighting design that would have high impact but be flexible enough to be applied to all Barclays’s flagship branches and the diverse buildings they occupy.

The answer was to create a standard lighting design to be used in all flagship branches, then add bespoke feature lighting to individual branches. The standard design, reminiscent of art gallery lighting, was created to entice and welcome customers into the branch, while bespoke features such as the halo fittings in Brighton help to bring out the unique characteristics of the different flagship buildings.

79 worked with architects Aukett Tytherleigh on the design of the Piccadilly Circus flagship branch, using lighting to accentuate the architectural concept of an inspiring, friendly and original environment.

The Piccadilly Circus branch has now been awarded the Architectural FX award for Best Retail Space.

79 is the nominated supplier of lighting for all Barclays’s flagship branches.