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The 79 Group supplies
lighting and m&e services
to 9 out of 10 of the UK’s
largest retailers.

Part of a retail phenomenon

interior of superdry store

79 has been supplying the lighting for one of 2009/2010’s biggest retail successes.

Now with over 40 stores in the UK Superdry and Cult Clothing have both gone from strength to strength, winning Retail Week’s Emerging Retailer of the Year Award and attracting celebrity fans such as Zac Efron and David Beckham.

Now the Supergroup, which owns both brands, has floated on the stock market making them the first successful retail flotation since 2007.
79 has been commissioning and supplying the main store lighting for the Superdry and Cult Clothing stores, helping to create the updated vintage feel that has made both brands famous.

79 also carries out specialist design and installation works for the Supergroup.