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Space transformation or bespoke products. 79 Design can do it all.

79 Design

Our designers work closely with 79’s manufacturing and M&E divisions to remodel entire spaces or create individual luminaires.

3D modelling software takes the guesswork out of the design process and ensures that the finished product or interior will reflect your original vision. The software of our choice is Relux, a market leader in the lighting planning industry.

Lighting design

We create full lighting designs for your projects, enhancing your space through illumination.

Lighting refurbishment design

Step 1: We conduct a complete survey of your lighting, including light levels, state of the fittings, energy consumption, colour rendering and the condition of electrical installation.

Step 2: We will then come back to you with lighting and electrical engineering proposals to improve light levels, reduce energy use and minimise potential builders’ work.

Step 3: After consulting with you, we can go ahead and implement whatever changes you choose. Our manufacturing department can supply new fittings, while our fully qualified electrical engineers can handle the installation. All our lighting products are produced in the UK, ECA compliant and manufactured to ISO 9001.

Bespoke luminaire design

Working with 79 Lighting and our partner, Profile Lighting, we can design and create luminaires to your exact requirements. Our designers are in touch with the most recent developments in lighting technology as well as the latest interior design trends.

Improve project cashflow

Businesses now have a strong cashflow incentive to become more energy-efficient, and the 79 Group can help you get the most out of it.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) allows businesses who invest in energy-saving equipment to claim a 100% first-year capital allowance. (This can be claimed regardless of whether the sum invested falls within the Annual Investment Allowance limit.)

Lighting accounts for about a fifth of commercial energy consumption, so it’s a great place to start. The 79 Group’s Electrical and Energy Team can recommend ways to improve the energy efficiency of your premises, and our installation division can carry out any changes you request. All 79’s products are eligible under the ECA scheme.

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