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off-the-shelf, modified or
bespoke. 79 Lighting
has the solution.

79 Lighting

79 Lighting is completely UK-based: no overseas outsourcing, no complex supply chain. We operate a shift-based production system. These factors allow us to be more flexible and responsive to clients’ needs.

When you use 79 Lighting, you’re assured of the highest safety and quality standards. Our manufacturing processes conform to ISO standard 9001:2000, so you know we’ll never cut corners when we’re creating your lighting.

Whatever your needs, we can supply the right light fitting. This can be done in three ways, depending on your needs and budget.


In partnership with Profile Lighting, we supply an extensive range of ready-made lighting products. Explore our catalogue to see over 22,000 items.

Modified fittings

While many of our competitors can only supply standard products, 79 Lighting has the facility to modify many of our ready-made items. So we can alter your chosen fitting to better suit your needs.

Bespoke light fittings

We can create bespoke lighting systems designed to meet your exact requirements and work within the space available. Our talented designers use the very latest technologies to create innovative solutions specific to you.

We tread lightly

We do everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We have taken steps to:

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